Become a Dixie Magnolia Brand Representative

Earn money with a McCalla, Alabama online boutique

Are you:

  • Obsessed with fashion?
  • Captivated by social media?
  • Interested in a fun way to earn money?

If so, Dixie Magnolia Boutique has a stellar opportunity you should hear about. We’re taking our flawless style and fabulous deals on women’s clothing far beyond Alabama, and we invite you to join our growing team.

As a Dixie Magnolia Brand Representative, you’ll continue doing what you love. You’ll try on awesome clothes and post the results to social media. In return, you’ll earn store credit and discounts on merchandise.

Getting started is super easy. The process works like this:
  • We’ll give you a coupon code.
  • You’ll share that code with your friends, family and social networks.
  • You’ll post at least once per week about our clothing, sales and promotions. We will send you 1-2 things to post each week via a Facebook group message, but you are also free to post as many things as you'd like.
  • We will also give you a discount on your first order to help you get started.
  • You are required to order and promote 1-2 items each month. These items can be clothing, shoes, jewelry, or accessories.
  • We’ll check on your progress periodically to see who’s paying attention to your posts.
  • After three months, we’ll evaluate your sales performance and decide if you’re a good fit for our team.
  • Top earners will receive a set number of items to wear and model on their social media networks.

Sound like a plan? You don’t have to live in McCalla, Alabama to participate! The ideal candidate for our program is at least 18 years old, and she has an active presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Style blog accounts are allowed, but personal social media accounts are preferred. If you have both, you are welcome to post from both of them. If you’re involved in a sorority, club or school organization, that’s even better! Most importantly, you should possess a great sense of style and an outgoing personality.

Note: By becoming a Dixie Magnolia Brand Representative, you authorize our company to use any photos you take of our clothing.

What perks will you receive?

As a Dixie Magnolia Brand Representative, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts with store credit and a discount on your own purchase.

  • Store Credit – You’ll receive a 10% store credit commission for all sales you bring in. You’ll be paid twice per month.
  • Discount: You’ll receive a discount to get started with your first purchase. You can also use your 10% off code on your own purchases, as well as earn store credit with it. Last but not least, we run regular contests for our reps to win prizes/store credit based on their performance.

Additionally, as a Dixie Magnolia Brand Representative, you’ll gain valuable experience in marketing, sales and public relations. You can put us on your resume and count on us for a reference in the future.

Certain exceptional performers will be invited to represent our company as Dixie Magnolia Brand Ambassadors. If you achieve this status, you’ll earn additional rewards and opportunities to grow your career with our McCalla, Alabama women’s clothing boutique.

Are you ready to begin earning money and having fun? Contact us today to express your interest in becoming a Dixie Magnolia Brand Representative.

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  • By initialing this application you certify that all information included on this application is true and complete to the best of your knowledge. You also certify that if this application leads to your employment, you understand that false or misleading information in your application may result in your termination of employment.