Dixie Magnolia Boutique: One of the Top 5 Online Boutiques in AL!

Dixie Magnolia Boutique: One of the Top 5 Online Boutiques in AL!

Dixie Magnolia Boutique was voted as one of the top 5 online boutiques in the entire state of Alabama! We are so honored to have made it to the finalist round, and appreciate your support so much!

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Not everyone can juggle two professions at once—Cayman Caven of Dixie Magnolia Boutique in McCalla, Alabama is one of the talented few who can. An entrepreneur through and through, she opened Dixie Magnolia Boutique for business back in 2015 and took the bar exam the very next year.

Cayman is both a boutique owner and an attorney, and her boutique has recently been recognized by Boutique Hub, host of the first annual Boutique Awards.

Q & A with Cayman

TSI: So you’re an attorney and a boutique owner! What made you want to open a boutique?
Cayman: I am! As an attorney, I primarily handle a variety of civil cases. I’ve always had the mindset of an entrepreneur. My mom told me to get started with this boutique business because, if I don’t find the time now, I’ll never find the time. I’m blessed to do both.

TSI: Why a boutique?
Cayman: I love fashion, and being able to help someone pick out something special is one of my favorite parts of the job. I get a lot of requests from customers who need help selecting the perfect accessory or piece of clothing, and I just love that they trust me enough to steer them in the right direction. I recently launched a plus-size line, too, and people have been very grateful and supportive.

TSI: What makes Dixie Magnolia Boutique special?
Cayman: I spend a lot of time sourcing good products—I want good quality at a good price point, so nothing in the boutique costs over $50. I even started a group on Facebook to showcase the great finds that come in.

TSI: How did you come up with the name of your boutique?
Cayman: I’m originally from Mississippi, and the magnolia is the state flower. The two just sort of tied together, and I love the flow of the name and the personal significance of it.

Building careers – and our company

Dixie Magnolia Boutique in McCalla, Alabama offers our customers the awesome opportunity to earn money or store credit for doing what they love. As a Dixie Magnolia Brand Representative, a customer posts about our clothing, sales and promotions on her social network. The more responses her post receives, the more rewards she earns. It’s a win-win scenario!

Dixie Magnolia Brand Representatives receive:

  • Cash
  • Store credit
  • Valuable sales experience
Contact us today to learn more about becoming a Dixie Magnolia Brand Representative.